Train till you puke…
…if you are serious about your training

Caveman Circuit Training

In every Caveman Circuit Training session one can expect the unexpected, a participant will never know what is coming, the Caveman trainers will always do their best to present a circuit that is different than the one they have done before. One thing is certain in all classes, there is hardly any breaks, quitting is frowned upon and in the intermediate level if one quits they will have to move back to beginners.

Caveman Circuit Training is available for beginners, intermediate and advanced athletes, the Caveman Circuit Training classes are mixed males and females. Anyone can get into this, and there is nothing else like this, you have to give this a go at least once!

We hold fresh and new circuits at our gym in Brisbane every week, there is nothing more exciting than circuit training! Gauranteed fresh every time, never boring, hard and challenging!

Caveman Personal Training

In Caveman Personal Training the focus is solely on you, each session is tailored so that you reach your goals in the shortest and most effective way.

Ian Jacobs - 3 time world champion kick boxing champion Ian Jacobs - 3 time world champion kick boxing champion endorses Caveman Training. Ian and his instructors provide some of the best kick boxing classes in Brisbane from his gym in Stafford the Powerhouse Gym.

Watch our old Caveman Training video as featured on Channel 7 - The Great south East.

View this Caveman Training video in large format.

Cavewoman Circuit Training

Cavewoman Circuit Training is especially tailored for females and is one of the best ways to quickly lose fat, it involves some different exercises to the Caveman Circuit Trainig mixed classes.

Cavewoman Personal Training

Cavewoman Personal Training is very similiar to Caveman Personal Training except that it's tailored to the feamle body, producing quick and fast results for anyone that is ready to train hard.

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